Who is ben kingsley dating

‘Actually, very early on, one of the panellists discovered who I was dating and joked, “I loved him in that film”, so what can you do but just go with it,’ she giggles.‘It’s been quite a few months now that we’ve been dating and Ben and I are in a great place.’The ‘Ben’ in question, just to clarify, is Sir Ben Ainslie – winner of four golds and one silver at the Olympics, the last of which was at London 2012, and recent hero of the USA team’s America’s Cup victory.But then, once you’re in the room, you’ve still got to get the part yourself, haven’t you?’ He adds sanguinely: ‘Hopefully you’ll go away from this with more to write about than just “Ben Kingsley son acts in play”.’ Next up is the rather neglected Restoration tragedy Venice Preserv’d, a highly charged political thriller with verses so pretty and punchy they give Shakespeare a run for his money.Does he normally behave badly during interviews, I query, suddenly hoping rather mean-spiritedly that he does.I can see the ‘thespian heir acts up’ headline already.If he hadn’t, I honestly believe he might not have made it, he might not have met my mum and I would not exist.’ Does his dad give him tips?

Firstly, though he does have some bad boy traits — beard and occasional musician among them — he is far too polite to warrant a real bad boy label, messaging me again ahead of our meeting to advise me to wrap up warm (‘the rehearsal space is freezing kiss kiss’). This is a man who turned down a place at Cambridge (to read English at Clare) and his CV is flagrantly highbrow.

With Pierre, that intimacy, that sense of getting involved that we’ll give the audience, it’s particularly great because he’s such an ambiguous character. You should decide, not us.’ Kingsley has a background in this kind of theatre.

He got one of his first big breaks on the Cross as Jesus in the York Mystery Plays in 2012, a huge production involving hundreds of volunteers and performed in the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, that earned him a headline he laughs wearily about now: ‘My father played Gandhi; now I’m playing God’.

In addition to which I think the immersive thing will really give Pierre another layer.

These plays would originally have been done in volatile environments, in places where you’d expect to be heckled.

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