Who is michael pitt dating now

Aside from wearing clothes, Bochert is also a musician who performs under the name Frances Wolf.Over the years she’s become famous for her androgynous features and overall “gothic crow” look, drawing many to compare her to Patti Smith.

Last week, the two were reportedly spotted “heavily enjoying each other’s company” after the Hollywood premiere of “The Lost City of Z,” according to Page Six.

Her Spring 2012 collection was one of my favorites of hers– very elegant but also very cool, with beautiful fabrics. What do you think about this 90s-throw-back look that’s going on in New York right now—this sort of cyber punk, ying-yang, sea punk, blue lipstick, neon dolphin thing. So if you always wear the same thing then you can wear it for eternity and always look stylish, because the look will be more associated with you than with a certain time.

It inspired me to art direct a shoot in Morocco using her dresses. I don’t do Facebook, I have a very small group of close friends, and that’s pretty much it. I was wondering what you thought about this, because it seems that you have a very distinctive look that doesn’t shift with changing style trends.

She said on radio show "Sway In The Morning" in 2015, "So this is the truth about that: Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped, but I didn’t see him. You know, he’s the producer of the film and I’ve met him twice.

Who knew that Jen Linely and her baby-faced high school boyfriend would go on to become fashion's beloved?

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